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nbc nightly news About Icecat

Icecat is an independent worldwide syndicator of ecommerce product content and product statistics. Icecat is part of the iMerge ecommerce group.

Icecat produced millions of product data-sheets in all world languages. Icecat analyzes the performance of thousands of brands. Its statistics are based on billions of annual product data-sheets downloads by the tens of thousand connected ecommerce websites: online shops, ERP systems, comparison sites, purchase systems, rating portals, and other applications. Open Icecat is an open catalog, part of Icecat's full catalog, via which the product content for lindbergh skjorte butterflyis distributed for free.

The CEO of Icecat is en boxer med meget kort snude PhD, who started the activity in 2001, while being ecommerce professor.